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Legislative Solutions’ Online Texas Lobby Guide is a convenient electronic directory of the people you need to know in the Texas legislative arena. We make it easy for organizations to find the lobbyist with the right background, skill set, and connections to advance their agendas before the Texas Legislature. We help Texas lobbyists match their strengths and expertise to the clients who need them. We assist legislators and their staffs with identifying lobbyists interested in their legislation and finding witnesses to testify in committee hearings. And we facilitate alliances that aggregate and augment lobbyists’ effectiveness within the realm of the Texas State Capitol.

For the first time, Legislative Solutions’ Online Texas Lobby Guide brings a wealth of information about Texas lobbyists to your phone, tablet, or computer. It is far superior in functionality and content to any other online lobby directory in Texas. It provides comprehensive, easily searchable, and continuously updated information from the Texas Ethics Commission on lobbyists and their clients.

Who needs Legislative Solutions’ Online Texas Lobby Guide?

Legislative Solutions’ Online Texas Lobby Guide is your essential resource for any organization with interests before the Texas Legislature.


Subscribers to the Online Texas Lobby Guide use a simple tool to search a range of categories, zeroing in on just the right lobbyist or firm to accomplish their legislative goals. With unlimited searches and the ability to sort according to multiple criteria, you can use our highly accurate database to quickly narrow your search to find a specific individual or firm, or to compare what several firms have to offer. Legislators and their staffs can use the search tool to identify stakeholders in legislation and pinpoint witnesses for committee hearings.

For a limited time, annual subscriptions to the Online Texas Lobby Guide are only:

$50 (single subscription)
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Registered Lobbyists and relevant information has been added from the Texas Ethics Commission. Inclusion in the Online Texas Lobby Guide instantly puts you front-and-center in the Texas lobbyist community. Potential clients have easy access to your biography and contact information. By claiming your record and upgrading your info, you will provide links to your photograph, website, and social media pages. Perhaps most importantly, your subject matter expertise is included in the search results, tagging you according to Texas Ethics Commission categories. Organizations seeking your particular talent can shortcut directly to you. Legislators seeking input on legislation can identify the most knowledgeable lobbyists in the appropriate field.

(Lobbyists subscribe from the link on your profile page)